Wednesday, September 16, 2015

APF Battle of the Billionaires Wallpaper: Donald Trump vs Mitt Romney

1280 x 1024 wallpaper: Republican nominee Battle of the Billionaires
Donald Trump is the clear frontrunner of the Republican race whilst Jeb Bush, the expected "establishment" candidate has been sliding in the Polls. Experts like Trump supporter, Ann Coulter have predicted that former Republican nominee Mitt Romney will eventually prevail but there have been no signs of him throwing his hat in the ring yet.
Ann Coulter Predicts Who Can Win in 2016
ANN COULTER: Listen to me, watch the debates, we're going to be so sorry we're not running Mitt Romney and we're gonna demand that he get back in because Mitt Romney would crush Hillary Clinton. You have no idea, you have no idea how good you had it. And you were lied to by fake Tea-Partiers and fake conservatives who cared more about pretending they were the only leaders of Conservatism and only trust them.
As you'll see in the end of the book [Adios, America], I'm evaluating candidates on the one issue, the only issue that matters because it determines everything else and Romney is the best we have on immigration other than Donald Trump and I don't think he's gonna be our nominee.
LARRY ELDER: Who will be the nominee?
COULTER: Mitt Romney
---- crowd applauds, panel laughs ---
Watch the conversation in full here - A Special Evening with Ann Coulter — 7/16/15

Paying homage to the WrestleMania 23 match that pitted Donald Trump vs WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, I present the Republican version of "Battle of the Billionaires".

VIDEO: Battle of the Billionaires [WrestleMania 23 PROMO]
Update: With Donald Trump still leading the polls and Ted Cruz making a spirited run. The only hope for a Trump/Romney showdown is through a "Brokered Convention" - Mitt Romney. A Brokered Convention. Please, Lord, Make the Pain Stop!

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