Friday, February 16, 2007

The Daily Show with Rush Limbaugh

Not quite. Political/Comedy shows like The Daily Show (Jon Stewart), The Colbert Report (Stephen Colbert)and Real Time (Bill Maher) have enjoyed great success under the Bush Administration. These shows whilst enjoyed by most tend to appeal to younger liberal types. A conservative counterweight was announced late 2006 to appeal to the other side which has raised the curiosity of many: Can conservatives be funny? Will it have an audience? and How long will it last?

The show will be a half hour news parody show not unlike the Daily Show, but with a conservative bent. It was created by Joel Surnow, Executive producer and co-creator of "24" a favorite amongst the conservatives. It will be aired on the Fox News Channel.

Recently on the website of APF's own Rush Limbaugh, a teaser clip was made for the pilot. Its not often that an APF pundit from the Red team will venture into the realm of Straight comedy. There's no better way to secure big numbers to the inaugural show than to feature the biggest conservative draw in the world, Rush Limbaugh.

It also features a nice surprise. Just like a wrestler in the middle of the ring addressing the crowd to wild cheers, then suddenly gesturing to the entrance to announce his tag team partner...POP!!! the crowd erupts in surprise and glee.
Do you think its funny? You be the judge.

PS. By the way if any wrestling fans can recommend a movie link depicting a wrestler introducing another wrestler to a surprise pop. It'd be nice to embed it with this one. Cheers


Jonathan Moore said...

The funny thing is did an animated cartoon of Ann Coulter running for president a month ago. Reality imitating art? It wouldn't surprise me if she actually did run as a publicity stunt.

punditfight said...

We already have one right wing pundit running for president. Michael Savage.

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