Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Liberal Royal Rumble: Sam Seder VS Ed Schultz

WOW! American Pundit Fighting has been around for just over a month and this confrontation would have to be the biggest news to hit the federation. It is a showdown between Ed Schultz and Sam Seder. More accurately it is a matchup between Air America and other Liberal talkers- collectively Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller and Bill Press. There's been a lot of buzz recently in Liberal talk circles with Al Franken's departure from Air America to run for Senate in his hometown Minnesota. Al's absence created an opening on XM Satellite radio which was reported to be filled by Ed Schultz. Sam Seder softly encouraged his listeners to support Thom Hartmann occupying that XM slot (Thom was already filling Al Franken's old Air America timeslot) enraging Ed Schultz and his supporters seeing it as a personal affront. Sam Seder, as evidenced by the time he called out Bob Woodward is known for not sugarcoating how he feels about people. In this instance I would argue Sam was not being malicious in his campaign.
- Listen and judge for yourself.

It's definitely an eye-opener which will only get more interesting as the battle rages. As of this writing, Ed Schultz delivered a passionate and lively attack of Air America. You can see for yourself in glorious video here then here.

It is an ugly episode, which is fracturing the fledgling and heavily scrutinized Liberal Talk market. If there is anything positive to be gleaned from this, it is that there is passion and vitality in liberal Talk. There are people fighting for its success as a business, as entertainment and as a political force. The blue team APF radio pundits will need to overcome their differences if they are to take care of the real business- to seriously challenge and act as a counterweight to their Red Team APF counterparts. Stay tuned.

Ed Schultz cartoon caricature art pundit
Ed Schultz

Sam Seder cartoon caricature art pundit
Sam Seder

Update: Listen to Sam's rebuttal

Ed Schultz on Air America
ED SCHULTZ: I just think from time to time I need to clear the deck on this, I'm beyond the point of pussy footing around this stuff. Nobody buys their crap. There not making money, they've never made any money. They can't run a business, all they can do is hate people. Even me!... my stuff sells yours doesn't

Who the hell is Air America? They have never sold anything or done anything positive that for anybody except tear people down. No wonder O'Reilly makes fun of them...

And you know what? We're gonna pay our bills this month and we're not in front of any judge. And I'm sick and tired of pussyfooting around Air America. They can eat me. They suck! They don't know how to run radio and I don't like 'em anymore. I don't, because they undercut everybody who does something positive and its about time somebody calls them on it.


Anonymous said...

That cartoon of Sam in fighting trunks is so funny. Did you draw it? I can't even look at it 'cause I start cracking up all over again. Thank you.

punditfight said...

Yes i did draw it, Thanks. You can see all 20 (so far)animated pundit wrestlers on: