Friday, February 9, 2007

Rush emblazoned on a T-Shirt

On the topic of Limbaugh being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Rush has come out with merchandise playing up this fact. Its an interesting shirt because it actually has a large portrait of Rush on it. With the exception of Wrestling and perhaps Rap & Rock, there aren't too many professions conducive for individual personalities to be emblazoned photo-realistically on T-shirts. Even then its usually marketed to kids.

Its odd enough that some pundits even sell T-Shirts, but they're usually just simple logos of their show. Could you imagine a democrat wearing a T-Shirt with Al Franken's face on it, or an independent with a T-Shirt of Bill O'Reilly's mug. It just goes to show how popular Rush is, and how he transcends politics into mainstream culture.
batista wwe merchandise American Pundit Fighting
Batista Wrestler T-Shirt

Rush Limbaugh merchandise pundit
Rush Limbaugh T-Shirt

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