Monday, June 18, 2007

Henry Rollins on Air America Radio's 'Ring of Fire': Who has the power?

When we think of politicians, we think "people of power and influence". The whole idea behind the APF was the contention that it is actually the pundit class who wield the most influence. A handful of pundits can command a million-strong voting bloc, they shape the minds of the public and can unite them to a cause. Whilst the politicians ultimately have the last word in legislation, the Pundit Class can foment national feeling and set the agenda.

But perhaps its all subterfuge. Henry Rollins raised an interesting point regarding power in a conversation on Air America's 'Ring of Fire'. Maybe its neither the politicians nor the pundits setting the agenda?

Listen to the entire episode here (March 17, 2007)
View episode details here
Unfortunately I don't have it in smaller snippet form. The relevant bits start at the 11min mark.

Below is a rough transcript:
"... the top of the pyramid it's the KBRs and the people who make the world go round.... when you see the size and terms these people are thinking in, where you and you're sign downtown going 'Nooo more war'. Man they don't even watch, you don't matter... to a lot of these people... you're just an extra in their movie. Shut up and go along with it!
That's why you see guys like Sean Hannity, who wish they could be at the party. They've got the money but no one in real power is ever going to invite them anywhere. His best front seat was hanging out with Donald Rumsfeld going into Iraq."

It an interesting insight. Whilst the Pundit class in many ways is a lobby group for the people and political ideology, its no match for the larger monied and corporate interests.

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