Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mark Levin baiting Democratic Congressman Hinchey

In wrestling one of the oldest and most effective ways to start a feud is to call out another wrestler. In involves one wrestler baiting another into battle, usually through shame and bullying. It can result in one of three ways:
1) The challenger doesn't take the bait and gets gets ridiculed for their cowardice.
2) The challenger takes the bait and gets squashed
3) The challenger accepts the bait and beats the taunter, to humiliating effect. The third option should be the least likely as the taunter would only challenge someone who they feel they could easily manhandle.

I've spoken previously about a challenge that took place through baiting. It was a post on the showdown between progressive mayor Rocky Anderson VS APF pundit Sean Hannity.

Recently conservative radio host Mark Levin orchestrated a challenge to Democratic congressman Maurice Hinchey
after his recent calls to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine and to censure and impeach the President. Mark Levin aggressively tried to talk with Hinchey and when unable to urged his audience to harass his office. A Communications Director made contact with Mark and assured Mark that the Congressman would speak with him soon. Mark was convinced Hinchey was just running scared.
Amazingly Hinchey did speak to Mark. It was an entertaining sequence, Hinchey did his best to diffuse the initial animosity through his demeanor and timing. You can judge for yourself how effective it was.

Listen to:
Mark calling out the congressman
Mark takes on the proxy (Hinchey's Communications director)
Mark receives backup from conservative congressman Pete King
Mark continues to pile it on Hinchey

Listen to the much hyped showdown between Mark Levin and Maurice Hinchey
Read the transcript here.

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