Saturday, August 4, 2007

Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller Vs Chris Dodd

APF perennial favorite Bill O'Reilly was in a heated debate with Senator Chris Dodd recently. Bill of late has been criticizing the popular liberal political site Its largely personal, as Bill has had an open vendetta against liberal websites and persons which smear him. Along with the DailyKos, other sites he considers 'hate sites' include and

Senator Chris Dodd was recently on The O'Reilly Factor to defend his scheduled appearance on the annual DailyKos gathering, the YearlyKos. The Senator kept on point and Bill was his usual passionate self. What is fascinating about the exchange, but not surprising is that each side of the political spectrum believes they're representative came off best. Depending on which side you're on Chris Dodd either 'got shredded by' or 'smacked down' Bill O'Reilly.

Another element of the debate was Bill O'Reilly's chat afterwards with conservative comedian and Bill O'Reilly ally, Dennis Miller. Dennis was effective in dismantling Chris Dodd. He was his usual huckster self in ripping apart the Senator, whilst Bill was playing 'good cop' in soft defense on behalf of Chris.

Watch the videos and judge for yourself. Feel free to read through the posts provided like the one below:
That Lieberman picture was disrespectful, but it was clearly in-bounds. It was a bit much, but it was making a clear political point. Satire is often supposed to be disrespectful.

I am aware of the “conceptual conversation” O’Rielly had regarding San Francisco. I even agree that San Francisco was being ridiculous. But what O’Reilly said was beyond the pale:

We’re going to say, look, every other place in America is off limits to you, except San Francisco. You want to blow up the Coit Tower? Go ahead.

If a liberal said that, this website would explode with (rightful) outrage. O’Reilly was saying he would be happy if terrorists attacked a city where the voters disagreed with him. Even if it’s a matter of artlessness, it’s still pretty terrible. It’s just as bad as Kos’s comment regarding military contractors where he said he didn’t care about their casualties (using naughty language; something not available to Mr. O’Reilly). “We don’t agree so I don’t care if something bad happens” is not an acceptable argument from the left or the right.
Rusty from Michelle Malkin's blog

Watch the Video below. Its in 2 parts
1) O'Reilly Vs Dodd
2) Dennis Miller rips on Chris Dodd while comforting Bill

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