Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dean Barnett: The newest APF member

Dean Barnett

We have some exciting news APF fans, Dean Barnett has been announced as the latest member of the American Pundit Fighting roster. Dean's profile** is well underway and now i'm calling on the APF audience to determine his vital stats.

What is Dean's orientation? Is he a 'heel' or 'face'. A heel is a villain, someone you love to hate. A face is a heroic figure, someone you look up to and root for to win. Whilst a pundit's orientation is determined by the audience, it is actually manufactured by the pundit's chosen persona and delivery style. Ann Coulter is a good example of someone hated by the pundit's own design.

What is Dean's special move?
What specialty manouver would Dean use. Make sure you come up with a catchy name.

What is Dean's Pop rating? A 'pop' is the amount of love a pundit gets. The gushing praise and cheer that greets their entrance. This is the amount of positive blog postings and exposure Dean would get from the blogosphere. It might be the ratings hike that occurs when he fills in for APF partner Hugh Hewitt on the Radio.

What is Dean's Heat Rating? How much animosity is directed towards Dean. Does he get much negative exposure on the blogosphere. Does he get a lot of hate mail? Does he get dissed by other pundits.

What is Dean's Charm rating? How charming is the man?

Remember whilst a 'pop' is positive, it is not necessarily just reserved for 'faces'. Nor is 'heat' simply reserved for 'heels'. Take Rush Limbaugh as an example, Rush is adored by millions of conservatives and he is widely considered the most influential pundit of all time. But consider that he is also passionately demonised and despised by the left. His ability to engender such hatred with one community whilst being revered by another makes him a successful pundit. He is talked about and he is listened to. He is known. Charm plays a big factor in this.

Cast your votes by emailing me at pundit.fight(at)gmail.com
or simply comment below

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If you're not familiar with Dean Barnett:
Find his old blog here
Find his new blog on TownHall here
Trawl through the Townhall archives to find Dean filling in for Hugh on the Radio

**Its been brought to my attention that Dean prefers a low profile as evidenced by the lack of photos on google/images. The only picture i could find was a deliberate wide shot. Fingers crossed my pundit bears some likeness.

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