Monday, April 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton to appear on WWE Raw

The unthinkable has happened, Hillary and the rest of the candidates will appear on a wrestling program. I have previously highlighted how Hillary and the other candidates have fitting wrestling personas so its not entirely surprising. Many wrestling analysts had dismissed this as a WWE stunt with no possibility of the candidates showing. If anything the consensus was that an appearance would hurt more than help.
(Update: All 3 candidates appeared on WWE's Raw, see below)

Obama despite being a darling of the youth demographic has shied away from pandering to entertainment media. Presumably to project a tone of seriousness and legitimacy. Obama's presentation despite his undoubted appeal to the youth is arguably the least self-deprecating. That's why seemingly incongruent charges of 'aloofness and elitism' have stuck. Ironic considering this meme likely originated from pundits and thinktanks, though Hillary has forwarded the same charge.

McCain on the other hand, despite being a republican with the distinction of being the oldest ever candidate to run for President has been cast as the folksiest of the 3 remaining contenders. This is evidenced in his close to a dozen appearances on the Daily Show and his warm friendship with Jon Stewart. McCain was also invited to guest host 'Saturday Night Live' in 2002.

Hillary has also been good at courting the Entertainment audience. She's made appearances on Entertainment Tonight, The View, Letterman. She was a welcome and self deprecating guest on Saturday Night Live, where she is perceived to be favoured because of their successful parodies of Obama. She has also previously appeared on WWE programming, airing a commercial for the troops during Christmas.

Hillary despite her appearances, is arguably perceived as the most forced in courting these mainstream and youth audiences. Hillary in her long time in the public eye has always been caricatured as an 'Ice Queen'. It has been a strategy of hers to shed this stereotype. I wasn't entirely surprised that Hillary would appear on WWE, partly because she needs all the help she can get to leap frog Obama but mostly because it fits the pattern of her candidacy.

VIDEO: Watch the Presidential candidates on WWE
10,000 points for the first person to pick out all the appropriated Wrestling lines. Comment below.

This is HotAir's take on the candidate cameos:
It’s come to this: "Hill-Rod" to appear on WWE Raw
McCain sounds forced, Hillary sounds desperate, Obama made me laugh aloud. This is a good example, though, of why I can’t help but sympathize with her to some extent: The “Hill-Rod” thing is so painfully lame, even as a form of ingratiation, that it’s almost endearing. She’s like the class nerd running against the homecoming king, trying to connect with people in a way that comes easily to him but not to her.
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Update April 22
After a mildly embarrassing but good natured appearance from all the candidates on WWE programming. The WWE decided to make a completely mockery of themselves and politics by doing a predictable slapstick segment on WWE Raw (April 21). Disappointing for wrestling fans as it provides no storyline value and makes wrestling look even more foolish to the casual viewer. The candidates also don't look too great after associating themselves with the product. Does that mean the blog looks foolish now too?

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