Thursday, April 17, 2008

People's Champion - Hugh hewitt

Some vintage audio from conservative talker Hugh Hewitt. Hugh has a very folksy style. He kids often about playing guitar, talks a lot of football (he ribs Steelers fans) and baseball (ribs Red Sox fans). Values guns and religion. Talks frequently about his Christian values. Talks about how effete liberals are, mocks the media and educational institutions. Hugh Hewitt is a regular man of the people, a red blooded conservative.

Hugh Hewitt is also a learned and cultured man. He graduated cum laude from Harvard University with a B.A. in Government. Hugh organises Cruises for his fellow listeners where there are readings from prominent authors and Hugh himself. Hugh has regular poetry readings from Tarzana Joe on his show. Hugh also has a cultured and topical look at the movies with Emmet of the Unblinking Eye.

I recall one instance (I wish I had the audio), Hugh was describing some unruly protests in France. Hugh was reading out a French location, stumbled the pronunciation and muttered dismissively to the effect "whatever that place is". I recall thinking surely Hugh could pronounce it or at least values being articulate. Hugh uses many literary references when speaking to callers and guests, he has an impressive vocabulary which I assume extends to French words.

I always found it interesting this dichotomy in Hugh's presentation.

All this can be summed up on this latest piece of audio. Listen to Hugh discussing how elite and 'out of touch' Presidential hopeful Barack Obama is.

Hugh speaking of Obama
What a clueless, elitist, arrogant, self-absorbed, anti-middle class, collectivist, bitter organiser.

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