Friday, July 3, 2009

Jill Greenberg makes Glenn Beck cry for GQ cover

bruno, gq magazine, glenn beckWhat do these three subjects I've previously written about all have in common
1) Glenn Beck crying
2) Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen's Gay Austrian alter ego)
3) Controversial photographer Jill Greenberg

Answer: They've all come together on the recent July issue of GQ Magazine. The special "Comedy issue" with 'Bruno' on the cover features a Glenn Beck piece titled "The hilarious rage of Glenn Beck". Its only fitting Beck would welcome being featured in such an issue as he is a keen student of comedy.

glenn beck, jill greenberg, gq magazine,
Glenn Beck crying for photographer Jill Greenberg
What is also interesting about the piece is the accompanying photographs were shot by Jill Greenberg. You will remember Jill, a proud liberal, caused quite a stir for her partisan misuse of portraits she shot of Presidential candidate John McCain for the Atlantic magazine. Jill Greenberg was probably tasked to do the shoot as Glenn has a reputation for being a cryer and Jill a reputation for photographing people crying.

But as Gawker astutely points out, Jill Greenberg true to form may have subverted her subject once again
Exclusive: How GQ Made Glenn Beck Cry
And if Beck knew who Greenberg was, then he almost certainly would have known that the crying bit he was so eager to play along with was a sly reference to End Times, her 2006 series of photos of crying toddlers, which she shot by giving kids candy and then taking it away from them. Beck called that "terrorizing children" last year.

"The crying was my idea, and Glenn was cool with trying it," Greenberg says.
You can read GQ's piece on Glenn Beck here
An Extended Q&A with Glenn Beck
GQ: Funny isn’t exactly the first word that leaps to mind when you think "Glenn Beck."
BECK: It’s actually the reason I decided to do radio. Every time I listened to talk radio, the conservatives had a stick lodged in their butt. I never understood why the entire world could have a sense of humor but the conservatives have to be Thurston Howell. I mean, you can’t have a sense of humor and be conservative?

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