Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sam Seder demoted, leaving?

The smarks out there may already be aware of this information. APF pundit Sam Seder as of Friday April 13, will no longer be on Air America weekdays. Sam Seder said as much on Friday's show, live on SammyCam (live video streaming) after a caller brought up the rumor. Sam has told SammyCam viewers that a formal announcement would be made at the start of his final week. He has reportedly been given a Sunday timeslot. More details can be found on Blatherwatch.

It will come as no surprise to regular readers that he was receiving a solid push by the APF (read former Sam Seder posts here). One reason why Sam was popular in the APF was his frequent referencing and cajoling of Bill O'Reilly and Red team pundits from Hannity to Limbaugh. Another reason for Sam's popularity was his willingness to speak up against other personalities in his sphere that he had disagreements with. Though I wouldn't consider him combative, he was not afraid to criticize or comment on people no matter how awkward or damaging professionally doing so might be.
He commented on different pundits from print, TV and Radio. Not afraid to name names and often calling them out directly. It will be interesting to see how this will affect his future prospects in the long run.

Some notable personalities Sam has spoken about:
1) Favorite targets include Tim Russert, Thomas Friedman and Chris Matthews etc..
2) Lobbying for Thom Hartmann (a personal favourite talker of Sam's) to fill Al Franken's vacant timeslot. This raised the ire of popular liberal talker Ed Schultz. Read former post here.
3) While emceeing a stage performance of 'All the President's men'. Sam criticized Bob Woodward who was not in attendance, Carl came to his partner's defense. Read about it here.
4) Marc Maron, a good friend of Sam's and former regular on his show was talking about a possible gig partnering with Ana Marie Cox (founding editor of Wonkette). Sam was not afraid to share his opinion of her possibly making things awkward for Marc. Listen to Marc's final conversation with Sam on Air America. Because of these new developments, its interesting to hear it in this new context.

My posts are usually never this current, they are often essays and references that are not date specific. I just wanted to write this to simply encourage readers to sample Sam if they haven't already done so as time is running out. Find out where to listen here. Go to Sam's blog here.
If you'd like to send an email to Sam, send to

I've removed the details for contacting Air America after some advice from a reader. I would encourage all readers to share their thoughts and opinions of Sam.

Sam is unapologetically outspoken, even if it means upsetting his employers. After taking a dig at Armstrong Williams- the morning cohost for Air America's flagship New York affiliate. Sam was punished by being taken off the air in NY the following day. After serving his punishment, Sam was as defiant as ever repeating his taunt and indulging in the support from his listeners. Sam was sarcastically commenting on Armstrong Williams' credibility, tarnished after being paid by the White House to promote a policy he had previously criticized.

Listen to Sam's smackdown of Armstrong Williams here:
Part 1 "Its not my fault that Armstrong Williams has had such a chequered past..."
Part 2 "apparently Armstrong Williams has thin skin..."
Part 3 "Armstrong Williams was mischaracterising the exchange that Jim Webb had with George Bush"

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Melina said...

The email address that you posted for AAR is is first initial, last name then
They took the "radio" part off and didnt redirect the mail...and the comments seem to be returning a blank email...who knows if theyre getting through or if they even want to know what we think of anything anymore.
Anyway, the new programmer there is
if you have a feeling about whats going on over there be sure to tell him...
He says he wants to know what the listeners and station programmers want, but has left little way to get in there you have it!