Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jon Stewart questions if he or his fellow pundits really do "disembowel, maul and hammer" opponents

VIDEO: Jon "The Mauler" Stewart on the blogosphere
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Jon Stewart examines the blogospheres' tendency to pit any disagreement between political personalities into feuds by using hyperbole. Its worth noting this is the stock and trade of this blog - dedicated to the analogy that American Politics and Punditry is not unlike Professional wrestling.
February 4, 2010: The Blogs Must Be Crazy
JON STEWART: Seeing how just in these past few weeks I have disemboweled. I have mauled. I have hammered. Ripped. I have slammed and I Bitchslapped? Really?...

You know if you just follow this show on the blogs, you would think I was just running around town cutting people open from scrote to sternum wearing their skin as a trophy which I only did once with Jimmy Carter

Its almost as if these headlines are freakishly out of proportion to the content contained within them designed to take relatively benign interactions and cast them as murderous feuds...
I've compiled a list of the blog posts Stewart highlighted on the above clip for their hyperbolic descriptions of his interactions with other Political personalities:
1) Jon Stewart Disembowels Mike Huckabee On Gay Marriage
- State of the Day
2) Maddow, Stewart, Colbert maul Lieberman
- Unpolitical
3) Stewart Hammers Fox News For Cutting Off Obama's GOP Q&A
- The Huffington Post
4)Stewart destroys Hannity for a second night this week
- Raw Story
5)Stewart Rips Maddow for Using Haitian Disaster to Bash Bush, Maddow Foolishly Strikes Back
- NewsBusters
6) Jon Stewart Slams Media for Blacking Out Iraq War Lies Report
- Crooks and Liars
7) Jon Stewart bitch slaps Keith Olbermann for Brown tirade
- Capitol Hill Blue

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