Saturday, February 20, 2010

Republican Presidential contender Mitt Romney wrestles with rapper on a plane

Rapper in plane scuffle with Mitt Romney
A US rap star claims he was the passenger involved in a scuffle with former presidential candidate Mitt Romney aboard an Air Canada flight — but insists the Republican was first to get aggressive.

Rapper Skyler Gordy, who goes by the moniker Sky Blu for Grammy-nominated act LMFAO, has posted a protest video online saying that Romney applied a "Vulcan" grip to his arm while the plane was preparing to take off from Vancouver en route to Los Angeles on Monday.
VIDEO: Fox News - Romney vs. The Rapper
LMFAO's Sky Blu Was Other Man In Mitt Romney's Plane Fight
"I'm trying to just adjust myself so I can go to sleep," Blu said. "I just hear this guy, he's, 'Sir, sir, put your seat up!' I thought it was a flight attendant at first ... and he says again, 'Sir, put your seat up!' A little louder and more angry towards me." ...

In the video, air marshals are seen escorting Blu off the plane. He said they diffused the situation and though the police detained him for a minute, he was not arrested but given a ticket for the next flight out.

"I have no hard feelings toward him," Blu said. "I'm sure he's a good dude."

And while Blu, an avowed Democrat, said he would not vote for Romney, he admitted he might get a drink with the Mormon politician ... if he drinks.

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