Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Andrew Wilkow VS Senator Daylin Leach

Senator Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery/Delaware) and RadioTalker Andrew Wilkow have begun a feud with Daylin using his 'DaylinSights blog' as the platform and Wilkow utilising his radio show. The feud could potentially lead to a tantalising face to face interview on Wilkow's Radio Show, we'll keep you posted if that eventuates

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Right Wing Talk Radio
One thing Mr. Wilkow is not is open to different perspectives. The slogan of his show, screamed at every commercial break is "We're right, they're wrong. End of Story!!, which I must say is more punchy and effective than the liberal equivalent often whispered on NPR, "We're intrepid, they're Jejune, lets start a dialogue!".
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Right-Wing Radio Hate Part Deux.
I did, and the first thing I heard was someone screaming "What do you think of that Senator Daylin Leach" out of my speakers. And I thought, hey, wait a minute! How many Daylin Leaches could there be? And how many of them are Senators?? Four, five at the most? I began to think this might be about me.

It turns out that Mr. Wilkow had somehow gotten hold of my blog and was commenting on it. He then spent the next hour or so either replying to or referring to me. I must say that it made for most excellent listening for my long ride to Dauphin County.
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Wilkow's false literalism
So the argument here is that Mr. Wilkow is literally correct and therefore not being offensive at all. This is of course nonsense. But lets deconstruct it a bit.

First, before we even get into parsing the phrase, one wonders why Mr. Hilton's sexuality is even relevant....

But whatever it is he did to piss off Mr. Wilkow (and based on Wilkow's reaction to me, it was probably saying something less than worshipful about Mr. Wilkow), it probably had nothing to do with who Mr. Hilton sleeps with. So Wilkow's choice to use any term for "gay" in connection to Hilton would be a homophobic statement. Why mention it if it isn't relevant unless you think it will cast Hilton in a negative light.
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The Smith said...

Unfortunately, Sen. Leach has picked a fight that he was unprepared for, to say the least.

First, let me say that I am not posting this to defend Andrew Wilkow but I am here to defend Conservatism to its very core.

Sen. Leach has taken it upon himself to play the blame game and do as many others have, which is to say what the Right is doing while ignoring what the Left has already done. I had posted a response to this on Sen. leaches blog and when my response and others were met with less than logical answers, I posted a few questions that I wanted answered. Not only has Sen. Leach not posted my retort but it seems he has stopped posting for a bit.

Should Sen. Leach Google his name as it relates to blogs, I do hope he reads and responds to the following questions:

1) Why is it that you haven't taken the time to explain to me (I did leave my full name and title) exactly why I was wrong in my mindset? Many other comments have been posted beyond mine. Could it be that you are selecting your comments and cherry picking the ones you can easily attack?

2) Why do you go to such lengths to assume what people are thinking by the way they talk instead of speaking out against the actions that others have taken. Specifically, if you think the Right is an angry mob that is full of nothing but rage, how do you explain the Black Panthers stationed outside of polling places in Philly and how do you explain the attack on a young woman and her boyfriend for simply wearing Sarah Palin buttons? Where is your outrage on these occurances?

3) Finally, you had made repeated calls to appear on the radio show that started all of this, you have been invited by said host, and you have been "Called Out" by your detractors. Why is it that you have not only disappeared from your blog but have not shown up on said show?

It is my humble opinion that Sen. Daylin Leach has bitten off more than he could chew and has tried to enter a level of politics that he was clearly unprepared for. His blogs have been filled with the same "Hate Speech" that he detracts others for and has no answers for those that call for his explanations.

Robert Duve
Chairman/Carroll Co. Conservatives
Carroll Co. Ga