Friday, April 16, 2010

Pete Dominick on 'Pete on the Street' segments on CNN's John King

For those who haven't seen Pete Dominick's segments on CNN's 'John King, USA', I highly encourage you too. Pete has been doing lighter comedic segments for CNN as John King's "offbeat reporter".

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VIDEO: Pete on the Street - Attending a Tea Party on April 15 in DC

Find all of Pete's video segments on CNN's 'John King, USA' via Pete Dominick's YouTube Channel
Go to Pete Dominick's official website - Stand Up with Pete Dominick

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Pete On the Street is an entertainer with great comic timing. I am the Tea-Partier who brought his daughter.

We Tea Partiers regard CNN and their employees as socialist, Constitution-trampling, ivory-tower elitists.

However, Pete on the Street is disarming and non-judgemental. We need more like him, as well as a black American President, named Allen West.