Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rachel Maddow calls Bullpucky on GOP fakery: Says ACORN pimp outrage and Climategate are all fake

As a blog dedicated to the analogy that American Politics is not unlike professional wrestling, one of the more favored threads is fakery in politics. More to the point how the fake can swallow reality and create a new a one. The fakery can at times be innocuous, nefarious or absurd. Consider the impact Tina Fey's Sarah Palin parody had on the real image of the Republican Vice Presidential nominee. Consider the credibility and gravitas of "Fake" news show 'The Daily Show' and "fake" pundit Stephen Colbert. Consider how pundits from Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter have detractors questioning if they authentically believe what they are saying, or if its just a lucrative act for attention.

Rachel Maddow expands on Fakery in Politics in this segment challenging the GOP's outrage.

VIDEO: MSNBC'S Rachel Maddow says GOP's outrage is Bullpucky
The Rachel Maddow Blog - Let them eat fake
RACHEL MADDOW: What we’re dealing with here is the unmooring of politics from facts. The activists pushing the ACORN scandal knew it was fake. After all, they faked it. But it made a political impact anyway, so they win, right?

The climate-gate scandal, not an actual challenge to the homogenous consensus of decades of climate science but it could have a political impact, so go for it. It might work.

If the triumph of fake politics or advantage gleaned from stuff that’s not real - and who cares if it’s not real or if it has a political impact?...

It’s made up. It’s bull. It’s bull. It’s not real politics. Let them eat fake.

These are not real problems to worry about and work on as a country, right? But there’s more bang for the political buck to make stuff up like this than to try to debate real problems in the real world. So just go with the bull.

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