Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ann Coulter not impressed by former Wrestling CEO turned Senate Candidate Linda McMahon

Considering Ann Coulter is no fan of the degeneration of politics into pro-wrestling, its no surprise she doesn't endorse Linda McMahon's place as Republican representative for Connecticut. In the piece she pleads ignorance when it comes to her understanding of wrestling, odd considering her persona is built on the template of a classic wrestling heel (Villain).

Coulter has written two pieces citing Linda McMahon, a piece for 'Human Events' and 'Jewish World Review':

1) Coulter on 'Human Events'
Republicans on Track to Snatch Defeat From Jaws of Victory
Naturally, therefore, Republicans are planning on running a World Wrestling Entertainment "impresario" against Blumenthal. Yes, in Connecticut ... a state that is among the wealthiest and most highly educated in the nation ... a state that isn't Minnesota. The average Nutmegger doesn't even know what a turnbuckle is, and that includes me.

Republicans could run Rob Simmons, a Connecticut legislator with a distinguished record of service in the House of Representatives, the CIA, and as a Yale political science professor -- who actually did serve in Vietnam, winning two Bronze Stars and retiring as a colonel.

But defeat is so close! Republicans can almost taste the bitterness of yet another crushing loss!
2) Coulter's piece for 'Jewish World Review'
Instead of sitting around, idly predicting massive Republican landslides this fall, how about GOPers work on running candidates who might actually win?
... But no matter how much the local press flacks for Blumenthal, people won't soon forget that he lied about his Vietnam service...

Connecticut Republicans have done nothing to deserve this gift. All they need to do is field a candidate who isn't inextricably linked to professional frigging wrestling.

Instead, last month, a majority of Republican caucus-goers favored professional wrestling impresario Linda McMahon, based on her offer to spend "up to" $50 million of her own money on the campaign.
McMahon would be a fantastic choice if money were associated with electoral victory. But it's not.


So Republicans better have a more impressive reason for picking Linda McMahon than "She'll spend up to $50 million of her own money."
But they don't.
Any half-wit knows Connecticut will not vote for a professional wrestling "impresario" for the U.S. Senate. So unless Republicans have secret information that Blumenthal does enjoy dressing up in diapers, Republicans are forfeiting a Senate seat for no reason.

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