Saturday, July 3, 2010

Compilation of classic Jon Stewart appearances with Dennis Miller

Here is a nice trip through the good ole days courtesy of Live06x's YouTube channel. Dennis Miller is a seasoned comedy veteran who famously became more partisan after 9/11. In this classic collection of interviews with friend Jon Stewart, Dennis Miller is quite apolitical.

You can find a collection of Dennis Miller appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart here.

VIDEO: Jon Stewart on Dennis Miller Live 1995
JON STEWART: ... [People] are getting used to it. Rather than the dumbing of America its more the numbing of it. You see so much on television and you see so much comedy or you see so much programs that you are no longer watch it and get stimulated by it like you used to. There's so many channels.

It sort of like we're watching this never ending auto race. You know and we just sit there and its sort of distracting, its sort of pleasant. But you're really just waiting for a car to fly out of control into the grandstand...
VIDEO: Jon Stewart on Dennis Miller Live 1997
JON STEWART: ... I don't think individual bad habits are as destructive as group -- I think the most destructive habit in America is belief. Is Ideology. You know you saw that in that [Heaven's Gate] cult...

People are too weak of mind and they get together and they end up completely -- That's when mass destruction occurs. You never see a group of junkies going out on a Saturday night to beat the sh*t out of gay people. Its always a group wearing the same hat, chanting the same thing. Ideology

DENNIS MILLER: Its tough to sell the pro-junkie statement public
VIDEO: Jon Stewart on Dennis Miller Live 1998
JON STEWART: The tough thing for hypochondriac is have you ever met someone who's really sick. And t'hen you just feel like a giant asshole. Where you're literally saying "I'm a hypochondriac" and I'll meet a guy who has a brain tumor.

Like if the boy next door lived next to 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Where you're like "I'm worried about the wolf. I can't go out of my house" and [she's like] "He ate my grandmother".
VIDEO: Jon Stewart on Dennis Miller Live 2000
JON STEWART: Its just like in Terminator 2, he [Al Gore] touches then he inhabits. He's a bad actor and that's why people are calling him on it cause Clinton's the same actor but he's good at it. He's a good actor...

Clinton's a good actor. Gore's a sh*tty actor so people don't like 'em. Bush - he's just reading the prompter. He doesn't know what the f*ck is going on. Last thing he remembers he was running the Texas Rangers

DENNIS MILLER: (sardonically) Ain't nothing wrong with reading the prompter Johnny
(both comedians burst into laughter)

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