Friday, July 9, 2010

Lebron James follows Rush Limbaugh to Florida. 'Sports Guy' Bill Simmons likens Lebron to a wrestling heel

Fans in Miami celebrate LeBron James and Chris Bosh joining the 'Heat'
Rush Limbaugh talks about the economic incentive of Lebron moving to Florida
LeBron Follows El Rushbo to Florida, Where the Achievers Go
RUSH: So LeBron James, ladies and gentlemen, has followed me in moving to Florida, as did Tiger Woods. I'm talking about the move to the Miami Heat. I, of course, am the trendsetter. I am the one who's on the cutting edge. It was in 1997 that I decamped New York City. I love New York City, don't misunderstand, it's just silly to pay their tax rate, which 12-point some odd percent on top of the federal bite. LeBron James and I would be paying over 52, 53% off the top, just state and federal. I think it's partly one of the reasons why LeBron James came down here. It's one of the reasons Tiger Woods lives in Florida, no state income tax, of course! Now, he'll never say it, unlike I will say it, he'll never say, doesn't want people to think he's a mercenary guy, he's in this for championships, you see...
Limbaugh's economic theory is a contrast from Ric Bucher's speculation that LeBron might stay in Cleveland as informed by his friendship with down-to-earth billionaire Warren Buffet.

Its worth noting that Rush Limbaugh, arguably the most influential Villain in America is associating himself with the two biggest villains in sports today, Tiger Woods and LeBron James. To be fair, Rush has always been hated whilst Tiger and LeBron's status as "megaheels" is an inverse result of their former clean-cut popularity. Such is their fall from grace that Rush Limbaugh, a man of great influence and wealth but passionately hated as much as he is adored maybe Tiger and Lebron's closest peer.

Colorful commentator, Bill 'The Sports Guy' Simmons makes some wrestling references in describing LeBron James. From inferring Lebron is the biggest villain in sports, likening Lebron's betrayal to Hulk Hogan's "heel turn" at WCW's 1996 'Bash at the Beach' and suggesting friends Lebron, Bosh and Wade were conspiring in a big wrestling style "work" (charade).

You can find these references by listening to this compelling exchange between Dan Le Batard and Bill Simmons - The B.S. Report: 7/9 (July 10, 2010)
Or by reading Simmon's postmortem on the LeBacle - Welcome to the All-LeBron sound-off

Find the infamous Hogan Heel turn clip at ESPN - There is a New World Order in the NBA. The analogy is almost too poetic as you can read from the commentary
VIDEO: Hulk Hogan joins Kevin Nash and Scott Hall and founds the NWO - WCW Bash at The Beach 1996
COMMENTATOR: What has he done?! Oh my God is he the third man? What the hell is going on here? Hulk Hogan has betrayed WCW. He is the third man in this picture. What the hell is going on. Oh my God are you kidding me, probably the lowest shot ever given to professional wrestling...

HULK HOGAN: As far as I'm concerned, all this crap in the ring represents these fans out here. For two years brother, for two years I held my head up high. I did everything for the charities. I did everything for the kids. And the reception I got when I came out here from the fans, you can stick it brother. If it wasn't for Hulk Hogan you wouldn't be here...

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