Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Politics is wrestling, Quote roundup: Ann Coulter, Jon Stewart, Mick Foley, Marc Ambinder, Matt Lewis, Wyatt Cenac, Mick Foley

Believers in the 'Politics is Wrestling' meme

1) Jim Cornette, Pro-wrestler manager and promoter
Wrestling legend Jim Cornette rants on the right wing
JIM CORNETTE: Maybe [wrestling commentator, Joey] Styles is like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or all these people I listen to that are -- You know that -- they're too smart to believe the sh!t that they say. They're heels cutting promos and its obvious and they're doing it for the marks who are dumb enough to believe it and they get paid big money to do it.
2) Matt Lewis, Political writer, blogger and commentator
TownHall's Matt Lewis: "Arlen Specter as Hulk Hogan"
MATT LEWIS: From a conservative perspective, at least, the Specter story was a classic archetype that has been re-played throughout human history -- and retold in the Bible (Judas), American history (Benedict Arnold) movies (Anakin Skywalker) ... and even in the less sophisticated world of ... professional wrestling!
3) Jon Stewart, Television host and Political media critic
William 'Bill' Kristol - Top wrestling heel (villain)
JON STEWART:... Boy the audience, I don't know when they started thinking this was pro-wrestling. It's the strangest thing -- they literally boo and hiss and cheer like you're the Rock and I'm - you know - The Undertaker.
4) Marc Ambinder, politics editor of 'The Atlantic'
Marc Ambinder: Wrestling with Politics
MARC AMBINDER: When staged correctly, both [politics and pro wrestling] can be mesmerizing... Both professions tend to divide people into good and evil... Politics is exhausting... Both politicians and wrestlers are very hearty, and the fans appreciate when each performs effectively.
5) Marc Maron, comedian and radio host
Marc Maron's WTF podcast Ep 23: Wyatt Cenac talks pundits and professional wrestling
MARC MARON: Like you said before, it really is all professional wrestling. The sad thing is, people are really struggling for a lot of different reasons... and they don't really know what to do with those frustrations. So when you've got these ideologues or these pundits... who are driving media culture leading them in a direction. They just want some temporary relief or some satisfaction and they are so easily misguided in times that are desperate...
6) Don Callis, former professional wrestler
Politics is wrestling - the 2004 edition
DON CALLIS: Witness the verbiage from the front-runner, Senator John Kerry: "I have a message for George Bush: we're coming, you're going, and don't let the door hit you on the way out!" Now come on, if I fed you that line and asked if it came from a wrestling show or the potential next leader of the free world, what would you say?
7) Ann Coulter, Conservative social and political commentator
Ann Coulter: "Political discourse resembles professional wrestling"
ANN COULTER: Political "debate" in this country is insufferable. Whether conducted in Congress, on the political talk shows, or played out at dinners and cocktail parties, politics is a nasty sport...

Instead of actual debate about ideas and issues with real consequences, the country is trapped in a political discourse that increasingly resembles professional wrestling.
8) Mick Foley, professional wrestler
Mick Foley - Politics is just like wrestling
MICK FOLEY: This current mess I believe honestly, and I’ve told Stone Cold this, somewhere around 1998 then-Governor George Bush was watching Raw, and let’s face it, you know he watches the show. He took a look at Stone Cold Steve Austin and said, "That’s who I’m going to be." Because that’s when the swagger came around and it’s my feeling that if Vince hadn’t copyrighted Texas Rattlesnake, Bush would be calling himself that now.
9) Wyatt Cenac, Comedian, Actor and writer
Jon Stewart, Wyatt Cenac and Mick Foley endorse the analogy that American Politics is like pro-wrestling
WYATT CENAC: Jon here's your problem. You think politicians wanna win their arguments when all they really wanna do is keep having them. They know arguments are interesting, they energize voters, they keep the money flowing in.
JON STEWART: You're telling me their interest is in conflict, not in resolution?
WYATT CENAC: Yes. Jon do you watch professional wrestling?

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