Saturday, October 4, 2008

Marc Ambinder: Wrestling with Politics

As the leading resource for it, it's always heartening to see other people identifying the analogy that politics is not unlike wrestling. The comparison undoubtedly predates my blog and it's a reality that I hope people factor when digesting political news and punditry.

The latest piece featuring the parallels between politics and wrestling comes from the WWE itself. The piece features some familiar points as voiced by Marc Ambinder of 'The Atlantic'.
Wrestling with Politics by Greg Adkins
... the screaming acolytes and tremendous pageantry... substantiate a truism that political analyst Marc Ambinder has known for quite some time: politics and professional wrestling are often separated by nothing more than a thin, red ring rope...

"When staged correctly, both [politics and pro wrestling] can be mesmerizing," says Armbinder, a lifelong WWE fan, an associate editor at Atlantic Monthly magazine and the chief political consultant for CBS News...
Read the piece in full from the WWE site

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