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Wrestling legend Jim Cornette rants on the right wing

I've often likened the rhetoric and diatribes heard on Talk Radio to wrestling promos. Devastating stream of consciousness rants targeted at rivals or condemning policy, best exemplified in talkers Marc Maron, Mark Levin and Michael Savage. So what would a scorching political monologue sound like delivered by a wrestler? I present to you Jim Cornette.

Legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette is considered one of greatest talkers in the history of wrestling. Recently he has made news for a rant on conservatives triggered when a fellow wrestling commentator, Joey Styles called Obama a marxist on Twitter.

VIDEO: Jim Cornette ranting about the Right Wing (Pt1 of 2)

- Listen to Part 2 of the Jim Cornette promo on the Right wing. Find the entire interview at 'Who's Slamming Who' - Cornette's Commentary with Jim Cornette

The expletive filled rant was impassioned as it was expansive, first Cornette explains the appeal of Conservative Talk Radio
JIM CORNETTE: I'm sick and fed up, I listen to the news everyday. I listen to this conservative Talk Radio in the car because I want to get mad because I'm driving a long way and I want something to keep me awake...

Driving back from Orlando, at about hour 10 I get really desperate and I turn on the Satellite Radio with these Conservative whackjobs like Limbaugh and Hannity and Michael Levine (sic) and some of these other guys -- I forget their names. They're all just just angry and screaming and yelling and talking about the end of the country...
Cornette goes on to speculate about Style's possible career motives for the Obama smear, invoking WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. As I've explained on this blog, Vince is personally invested in Politics using the WWE brand to promote voter engagement but largely plays a non-partisan role. Cornette thinks otherwise on Vince partisanship.
JIM CORNETTE: Maybe Joey Styles doesn't really believe any of this sh!t. He's just trying to blow Vince McMahon to try to get back on the air somewhere. Cause I guess Vince is a big time Republican too. We never talked about politics when I was there but I guess he is now. That's what I hear on the internet...
F*ck Vince McMahon and his Republican sh!t too. How about that?
But my favorite is when Cornette likens wrestling to punditry as this blog argues and commentators and wrestlers before him have illustrated, from Mankind to Marc Ambinder, Ann Coulter, Cyrus, Jon Stewart to David Letterman. Cornette charges that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are just like wrestling heels (villains)
JIM CORNETTE: Maybe Styles is like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or all these people I listen to that are -- You know that -- they're too smart to believe the sh!t that they say. They're heels cutting promos and its obvious and they're doing it for the marks who are dumb enough to believe it and they get paid big money to do it.

But in the process they're convincing these other mullets that what they're saying is true and they're dividing the country just like Cheney who can't stop talking about how we were right... and what's more Unamerican than publicly hoping that the President of the United States fails. That's like hoping the pilot of your airplane fails because you don't like his opinion on global warming...
Read a full uncensored transcript of Jim Cornette's rant here, via Willo of - 33. Uncensored transcript

Watch vintage Jim Cornette in his element, cutting a promo in a wrestling context

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