Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bloomberg Game Changers: Jon Stewart

Last month Jon Stewart was profiled on 'Bloomberg Game Changers'.
Bloomberg Game Changers (Ch Bloomberg. Thursdays 9:30pm ET)
A new original documentary series. Bloomberg Game Changers gives a compelling look into today's most influential leaders in technology, finance, politics and culture. See how these Game Changers redefined their industry and at times, the world.
The show focused on Stewart's rise to prominence and his current influence on the Political and media landscape.
Bloomberg Game Changers: Jon Stewart
Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- BLOOMBERG GAME CHANGERS profiles Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, now Jon Stewart, from his New Jersey boyhood through the standard struggle of the stand-up comedian - part time jobs and late night gigs at New York’s comedy clubs. It will shine a spotlight on his early television shows and movies, including rare video from his early career, to show his transformation into the dominant American commentator of our time.
Watch the entire episode here - Bloomberg Game Changers: Jon Stewart

Enjoy a preview clip here
VIDEO: Bloomberg Game Changers | Jon Stewart - CNBC and Cramer

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