Thursday, November 4, 2010

Glenn Beck critiques Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's comedic performances at 'The Rally to Restore Sanity'. Gives good reviews on messaging.

I've talked plenty of times about Glenn Beck's credentials as a Comedy Enthusiast. Beck on his radio show was surprisingly complimentary towards Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on their rally mostly in reference to their messaging. Gracious as Stewart's 'Rally to Restore Sanity' was considered by many to be a counterpoint to Beck's own 'Restoring Honor Rally'.

Beck was happy to welcome Stewart and Colbert as fellow figureheads of popular protests championing a message of non-partisanship. Where he found fault in the rally was in its comedy. Beck makes it clear he thought the comedic elements were "awful", likening it to a "High School production" so bad it felt like he was in a "tribulation waiting for the second coming of Christ".
Glenn Beck: Media ignores Yusuf Islam's appearance at Stewart's rally
GLENN BECK: On the Jon Stewart rally which, by the way, I thought was an absolute I mean, it was a high school production. It was a high school production, the comedy. And even Jon Stewart. I mean, he said it from stage several times. This didn't work. I mean, it was really bad. Colbert, I thought there were a couple of things

PAT: When he was off stage
GLENN: It was good.
PAT: Everything went pretty well.

GLENN: Yeah. When Jon Stewart was just talking, I thought, okay, this is going to go into you know, this will be good. And then Colbert would come out and it was awful. It was embarrassing.

PAT: It was.
GLENN: I was embarrassed not for Colbert.
PAT: Train wreck.

GLENN: It was beyond it. I was embarrassed for Jon Stewart because he's better than that. And the music was great. I mean, they had really great musical guests and everything else. And the message that Jon Stewart had after the concert was good. I mean, it was very similar to what I said. Just in different, you know, obviously different language. I framed mine in God, but we're better people than what we're allowing ourselves to become. Let's stop being used by, you know, red and blue. And so that was, you know, basically his message. And I think it was a success for him. I think if he wouldn't have given that message, it would have been jump the shark. I think it was jump the shark for Colbert. I don't think Colbert ever recovers from that. Just awful. No, it really was.

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