Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sam Seder launches new podcast show - Majority Report Radio (Majority FM)

Sam Seder hosting his new radio podcast - Majority Report Radio (Majority.FM)
Sam Seder has launched a new incarnation of 'Majority Report radio' - Majority.FM'. His latest project in years after the rollercoaster ride that was Air America Radio. His partner on his last two projects ('Maron V Seder' and 'Break Room Live'), Marc Maron had struck gold with a comedy podcast that has consistently been ranked #1 on ITunes.

Sam Seder hopes to do the same with his brand of politics and comedy. A lot of Maron's early success was built on the network of friends he enlisted as guests and the following he had garnered on his previous shows on Air America. Sam shares a similar advantage albeit a long time in between drinks. Moreover he is assisted by the following he has cultivated on his website SamSederShow.com and the increased television profile he's had as a regular panelist on CNN and MSNBC.

Logo for Sam Seder's new 'Majority Report Radio' show - Majority.FM

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