Sunday, January 3, 2010

Comedians Marc Maron and Jimmy Pardo liken Adam Carolla fans to Rush Limbaugh dittoheads

I've often highlighted the comparisons between pundits and comedians. Pundits, like comedians are ultimately masters of their own fiefdoms. They create loyal followings of people supportive of their idol's world perspective. The fans of the comedian or pundit will usually share their affinity with their friends and associates and likewise share their animosity towards their rivals.

Whilst its expected across party lines i.e a liberal pundit dissing Rush Limbaugh's "dittoheads", there are also internecine feuds amongst conservative and liberal listeners. The most prominent of this is between Conservatives Mark Levin and Michael Savage, both pundits stir their passionate supporters into deriding their respective rivals. Whilst Levin and Savage have a heated rivalry between each other they also impassion their listeners against other competing conservative pundits.

During Comedian Jimmy Pardo's 'Never not Funny' podcast. The host Jimmy spoke to fellow comic and APF pundit Marc Maron, they discussed the listeners of fellow Comedian and Podcaster Adam Carolla and used an interesting pundit analogy to describe his belligerent fanbase. Carolla's fans are known for haranguing "rival" comedians on Carolla's unsolicited behalf
'Never not Funny' Episode 610 - Marc Maron
JIMMY PARDO: This is a horrible comparison... I would listen to Rush Limbaugh... I didn't always agree with what he said. Most of the time I didn't agree with anything he said. but to me he was an entertainer...

MARC MARON: (assisting) Engaging

PARDO: He was engaging, he would keep me company for 4 hours and he was fine. I didn't mind him. It was when the asshole callers would call in and they would just be "Why is the President feeding us lies" then Rush would say "You're wrong sir, here are my thoughts. Like everybody thought they would call up and kiss his ass, you know "Mega dittoes". Then he would say "No you're misunderstanding everything I'm saying"

MARON: (completes his sentence jokingly) "I did not say kill the President"

PARDO: Right (laughing). He's not the same now than he was back then mind you. Then he was just a broadcaster, now he truly thinks he is changing the world...

MARON: Now he's a monster

PARDO: and its the same with Carolla. I think Adam is a terrific broadcaster. He's got funny in his bones... he doesn't have to fake being funny. He's got it. But his listeners -- Not all of them! Some. I don't want to get those emails. A small percentage of them are these neanderthal idiots like - "You suck. Listen to Adam instead". You can listen to both. There's no rule that you can't listen to both.
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Taking a page from wrestling and punditry Marc Maron cuts a promo, facetiously calling out Adam Carolla. Pardo's co-host and producer Matt Belknap sets the table by explaining why Carolla and his fanbase (what Maron calls "Carolla-tards) might be so angtsy.
MARC MARON: I like Adam. I've not listened to his show a lot. I did his show once years ago when Bonaduce was on and I'd love to do the show again. And I've got no problem with him but there's always this weird thing like "You're just doing Adam". And I'm like I don't even know what Adam does for the most part...

MATT BELKNAP: He gets some heat in certain circles for being a little conservative

MARC MARON: He probably calls himself libertarian though. Anyone who calls themselves libertarian are just Republicans who are little scared to say they're Republican now

BELKNAP: But I think that's what people want. They want to see you, you're political slant but the same style -- not the same style but the same energy go up against his energy

MARON: I'd love to do that because I don't even know what his politics are and I'm not really doing political talk anymore but I'm not aligned with any political party necessarily but I do think some things are righteous and some things aren't and I'd be curious to talk to him about that. I think I'd actually like to.

I keep doing this on podcasts, I'm like "I'm out on the streets man (laughter). Let's go Carolla!


Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is Marc Maron?

Anonymous said...

Marc Maron, unlike Adam Carolla, is a comedian...

Anonymous said...

Carolla is friends with both of these guys. They have been on each others' shows multiple times. I think this is just a little lighthearted jabbing among guys who respect one another. Actually Pardo might not like Adam much after Joel McHale was a dick to him at the barbecue at Adam's house. But for god's sake he was asking a world class chef to cook his cuts of beef well done. wtf? you can see the video on youtube.