Friday, April 6, 2007

Eric Alterman and Pundit Prestige

Eric Alterman recently spoke to Sam Seder about the credibility of the pundit class. The conversation stemmed from his current piece for 'The Nation'.
The Politics of Pundit Prestige...
When Fred Barnes famously pronounced on The McLaughlin Group, "I can speak to almost anything with a lot of authority," he was right, at least to the degree that he was really saying, "I can speak to almost anything without anyone pointing out how full of shit I usually am."

The advent of the Internet--particularly the blogosphere--has changed all that. Now, not only are the things pundits say and write preserved for posterity; there are legions of folks who track pundit pronouncements, fact-check their statements and compare them with previous utterances on the same and similar topics...
Listen to Sam and Eric's discussion.
Read the conservative discussion on Newsbusters here.

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