Monday, April 30, 2007

Hate The Player, Not The APF

I found a nice critique of the current state of Punditry and Opinion Media from Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone. He makes some great points about the polarising nature of this partisan format. Its precisely why there is fertile ground for this wrestling federation to build on.
Ummmmm... isn't that at least one good thing that has come from all this hate?... right guys?

Hate The Player, Not The Game
BOB GARFIELD: Who's the victim in this ecosystem of hate versus hate?

MATT TAIBBI: Well, I think we all are, especially the people who are the audiences of these shows. You know, and I've seen this in families. You know, you have one uncle who listens to Rush and another uncle who listens to Air America, and they don't talk to each other any more. People who are neighbors – you know, they're far more likely to go turn on the O'Reilly show or listen to, you know, whatever, you know, radio show that appeals to him than they are to go next door and talk to the neighbor who they think might be of an opposite political orientation.

Listen and Read Matt Taibbi discussion on NPR's 'On The Media'

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