Sunday, April 15, 2007

IMUS! Pundit roundup on the Don Imus controversy

I was officially trying to get the record for being the last blogger to cover the Don Imus brouhaha. One reason it took so long was the fact that Imus isn't on the APF roster, though he is in consideration as a future member. I won't bother with the back story of the scandal as there is ample news out there- did nothing else happen in the news last week?
So instead I will have the APF roster participate in a lumberjack match with Don Imus.

Watch Joe Scarborough host a panel on the hullabaloo

Listen to Sam Seder talking to blogger Atrios

Watch Al Franken talking to Larry King on CNN

Listen to Michelle Malkin talking with Laura Ingraham

Listen to Sean Hannity appearing on Laura Ingraham's show

Watch Jon Stewart on 'Gaffe Fest 07'

Listen to Mark Levin talk about the Don Imus firing

Watch and Discuss Michelle Malkin withstanding the heat whilst filling in for Bill O'Reilly. You'll also see Keith Olbermann defending Michelle, albeit in his own backhanded way.

Watch Bill O'Reilly riffing with Dennis Miller

Watch Laura Ingraham getting fed up with the controversy on Hannity and Colmes

Watch Stephen Colbert in his own Imus-like controversy

Watch Ann Coulter appearing on Neil Cavuto's show

Listen to Rush Limbaugh talk about black anchors

Watch Sam Seder appearing on Keith Olbermann's show

Discuss Tucker Carlson talking to sportswriter Jason Whitlock

Everyone's still talking about Imus. Ed Schultz goes on a TV blitz.

Watch Ed on Tucker's show
Watch Ed on Larry king live. Triple Threat Match with Al Sharpton and Howard Kurtz
Watch Ed return to Tucker's show

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