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Ann Coulter, Democrats and Republicans have their say

Ann Coulter has a new book, If Democrats had any brains, they'd be republicans. As with every book Ann has, there will be a firestorm of controversy and divided opinion that will follow her as she makes TV appearances and interviews. One such interview appeared on the New York Observer, Tea with Miss Coulter by George Gurley. This was followed by some 1500 comments.

As fans of the APF will know, Ann is the top heel in the business. The number one person people love to hate, she has orchestrated it that way. The APF has rated her with a perfect 10 on the Heel meter. She achieved this score for the very reason her interviews garner such enthusiastic revulsion and praise.

I had always intended for the APF to reference pundit lovers and haters by way of forum/myspace/youtube commenters. But never as frequent as I would have liked.

Today I will excerpting some of those 1500 comments. As I trawled through them I picked out the best quotes that I felt were instructive to what Ann Coulter brings to politics according to the people. I tried to choose comments that didn't focus to much on ideological differences but rather personal differences with Ann's approach to political discourse. Comments with tangential political observations are kept to a minimum but I've preserved all posts to their original length and context.
Here they are: Enjoy!


Matthew (Texas) (not verified) says:
I am constantly amazed at how in European democracies their governments can transition between Socialist parties, Green parties, Christian Democrat parties, Conservative parties without thinking that it will end their democracy. Yet here in America we have two parties that are amazingly similar and yet when you listen to the far left or the far right you'd think that if there is a party transition in government we might as well pack up and move to Canada because American democracy will die. It just goes to show that the political discourse in this country in exceedingly low and with people like Ann Coulter and Al Frankin [sic] we aren't going to get anywhere.

Superman (not verified) says:
Ann Coulter is the Jenny Mccarthy of conservatism-puts on the black cocktail dress and starts saying outrageous stuff. I at least have respect for Laura Ingraham who measures here statements...........and her appearance! Ann is not the face of conservatism the Republicans want to have. She comes off angry and not thoughtful-there are other more thoughtful conservative commentators that I enjoy.....Like Chris Matthews said to Ann Coulter, "I like looking at you, I'm not listening to you." With each attention seeking statement she makes, more people treat her the same way...........

jef (not verified) says:
The default on mortgage rates is to a point the fault of the current administration and Congress. If the industry wasn't so heavily de-regulated this might not have happened. Don't tell me that Congress passed the laws and the Presidential administration is not at fault here, how many other laws and bills have they vetoed? I don't understand how someone that doesn't consider the war to be priority #1 is not a real patriotic American. The dollar is going to plummet and in the next 20 - 30 years the way things are going we will no longer be a Super Power. Everything is set for this to happen, if you look at history this is exactly what happened to the British pound. The Asian markets are going to take over primarily China and Japan. If you can't see this you are lying to yourself or you have no idea what is going on. So it's great that we are fighting this war on terror to save Democracy and our country but what kind of a country are we saving here? When the standard of living drops so far and the gap between the rich and the poor is so wide will this really be an America we have grown up in and are proud of?

What people like Ann Coulter do what they do and there are plenty on the Left I know this it just helps to separate us as a country further and take our minds off what the real problems are. I am not a Democrat or a Republican I don't believe either one of these parties have the interest of the American people in mind. At this point I am hoping the secession groups make some ground. The Federal Government is letting us all down in the way the country is being managed.

JRI (not verified) says:
What's most annoying to me about Ms. Coulter is that every now and then I agree with her--but she invariably states her positions in such an ignorant and malicious manner that she harms her cause whenever she happens to be right.

Islaneagle (not verified) says:
A. Coulter is a spot on woman. Everything a modern woman should be smart, honest, independent thinker(good-looking to boot!). Anyone that can be proud to be a "Demoncat" today is totally retarded in all areas of growth.

Not your Mom (not verified) says:
Wow. Some retards can actually read. That's the only justification I can see for people believing this blonde scarecrow's load of crap. I didn't think there were that many stupid people that had access to the Internet, but I was wrong. Wow. Some Idiots will believe anything as long as you throw in the "Democrats are wrong" phrase.
October 03, 2007 2:22 PM

doowopguy (not verified) says:
I thought her last book, Godless, was a great read. (the only one of her's that I read) I enjoy immensely whenever she appears on the O'Reilly show on Fox. She is able to make O'Reilly look like a fool simply by using body language and facial expressions. (since O'Reilly never gives anyone a chance to speak) And O'Reilly is so into himself he doesn't even notice. I love it. Ann seems to me to be just a very nice person with strong views (of which I agree with) and a propensity to share them with anyone, anywhere, and anytime unlike most of today's emasculated males. Someone has to stand up for whats right. Thank you Ann, for speaking for us.

USMC (not verified) says:
I am an ex-Marine and I am sick of you cowardly liberals.
We are at war with Muslim terrorists. Youliberal/ porgressives either don't get it or you are COWARDS ON THE WAR WITH TERRORISM.
God help us. There are just too many of you living in the United States.
Why don't you liberal/progressive morons move to France or Canada? After all, down deep you really hate America.

You can't deal with Ann Coulter because she keeps hitting you over the head again, again and again. She is great entertainment and really make me laugh at you clowns.
Liberals/progressives are the most ill and/or uninformed people on this earth when it comes to patriotism and other areas that have made this country great you don't have clue.

Diet Soda drinker (not verified) says:
There is something about Ann's books that is decidedly ignorant. She is a little out there, and not in the way that Neitzche was a little out there. NO one is going to be looking to here books for anything two years from now. Politics is big business and if you are talking about Clinton or any Republican you are talking about someone who stifles their imagination to maintain their position in the country club of politics. I guess if they are interested in being a politician they probably lacked an imagination from the beginning. Mark Twain would have nothing to do with Ann Coulter or Hillary Clinton. That is sacriledge, he was a man with an enormous imagination.
Be real.

Booger picker. (not verified) says:
To call Ann Coulter intelligent! What disservice you do to yourself and truly intelligent women. She is full of rhetoric, and she is good at that. Show some independent thought yourself. She might be right about some things, but that doesn't make her intelligent. Go buy two houses you nob.

moderation says:
ugh. Ann Coulter - she's an illusionist, full of empty distraction. If she actually had a political point or contributed to the political discourse, she would have a j-o-b serving her country rather than pandering slurs to those who can't think for themselves. Her book is witty, yet factless regurgitation confirming only that she uses maybe 3 of the 12 elements of higher thinking. Ann blames everyone who doesn't identify themselves as a republican for every wrong in America. Again she blames Democratic leadership for terrorism, but conveniently says nothing about "blowback" (and honey, it has nothing to do with monica lewinsky).. all the years pre-Carter, pre-Clinton when our government funded both Saddam Hussein as part of the Baath Party to overthrow Ayattolah Khomeini during his presence in Iraq because of his anti-western positions, and Bin Laden in Afghanistan during the cold war to battle the Russians. Ann doesn't want to talk about 'facts', she just wants to call people names and say enough "controversial" things like 'revoke a woman's right to vote' to get herself invited on a television talk show. You think Ann's so wonderful & so intelligent? What's so wonderful or intelligent about being so dismissive and ignorantly judgmental?

The worst part is she occupies discourse in order to keep everyone responding to nonsense, instead of wondering about important things like revealing the real reason this country went to war in Iraq (government war contracts), why is the president veto-ing legislation for children he vowed "not to leave behind", why every tax payer is responsible for lining pockets of the President and Vice-President's "friends" who lost so much money as the financial backers of many, many, many of the President's failed businesses, why are we worried about spreading 'democracy' when so many American families are in poverty, why is the American dollar's strength so weak? Obfuscation - keep people's minds elsewhere and they will thank you when you "enron" them out of their freedoms, money, input, and world relevance.

You don't have to support the "right" or the "left" - just be an INFORMED person and make this world better by ignoring the Ann Coulter's of the world.

Mouse (not verified) says:
I've always thought that Coulter is putting on an act.

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