Friday, October 12, 2007

APF updates courtesy of HotAir

Just a quick update on the last few posts I've made courtesy of conservative video blog, HotAir.

The charisma of Fred Thompson - View original post
HotAir links to a video surprisingly made by a "righty" that mocks the communication skills of Fred Thompson during his maiden debate.

Read the post and comments from the HotAir audience
Visit Kevin Tracy's website, the conservative who made the video. (btw he's a Mike Huckabee supporter)


Republican NY City councilman James Oddo clears the air - View original post
Councilman James Oddo, who has become minor internet sensation with his outburst at some faux journalists sets the record straight on how the whole thing went down. James presents himself well and shows the dimensions to his character outside of the 'Noo Yawkah tough guy' persona. Not unlike when you see wrestlers interviewed out of character.

Read the post and comments on James Oddo at HotAir


Top Heel Ann Coulter is at it again - View original post
Ann Coulter not surprisingly is causing a stir as she goes on her book tour. A few weeks ago I was actually considering increasing her 'Pop' rating because of her runner-up placing in a poll of the most popular conservatives. Obviously more content to play the villain, she infuriates the right as well in her latest outrageous attention grabber.

Read more on what she said from HotAir
Read more on the conservative reaction to Coulter

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