Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Get involved in the APF community

American Pundit Fighting was always designed to be a community supported, community driven enterprise. Its why I integrated a myspace companion site, in the hope of getting pundit fans involved and demanding more attention be paid to their favorite pundit. Just like wrestling, the fans would dictate who got pushed to center stage.

I encourage supporters on myspace to comment on each of the pundits to gauge how people felt about each of them. The pundits who were garnering passionate reactions would be the ones i'd devote posts to. To be frank, I never effectively managed this. My posts in the past have largely been governed by the access I had to a pundit's media archives. Pundits I regularly feature include Hugh Hewitt, Sam Seder and Mark Levin who have comprehensive audio freely available. Michelle Malkin, Comedy Central and Fox News pundits also have video archives readily available. I've expressed dissatisfaction in the past for Rush Limbaugh no longer making his media freely accessible.

I had always planned to get Pundit lovers and haters to contribute by feeding me some post suggestions or even guest posting themselves. I am after all just one person who can't possibly keep up to date with every single pundit. I am glad to announce that I will be featuring my first guest poster, ChaseBlogger. He is a comedy enthusiast who pops for Stephen Colbert but gives major heat to Ann Coulter. I hope to enlist more contributors in the near future.

In case you're wondering. The most popular pundits on the myspace forum were Hannity, Colbert and Ann Coulter with 4 comments each. Ann Coulter was seen both as a face "ms. coulter you are my idol. 'nuff said. go ahead and cry, bleeding heart libs." and a heel "At some point, someone should really bust a cap into this Nazi Bimbo."

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Visit our first feature posters' website, ChaseBlogger


JL said...

I, for one, would love to comment on the specific pundits, but have zero desire to be part of a Myspace anything. Do comments like these count?
(Btw, my favorite pundit is Stephanie Miller, because her tone is often so giddy and cheerful that it's easy to forget how harsh she's being. Plus, one of her co-hosts does a great O'Reilly impression!)

punditfight said...

sure they count! I don't know if you're aware but Stephanie Miller has actually been added to the APF roster.

JL said...

Oh yeah. & I plan on printing out the flags for a Team Air America!
That said, I do have one big bone to pick with the roster: O'Reilly is *not* an independant! He's claimed that he was never a Republica (it goes with the "Fair and Balanced" schtick), but Franken debunked it in his "Lies" book, printing Reilly's 1st voter registration form (now there's a good pundit fight). & on issues. Scarborough is actually far more independant, as is Bill Mahr. But that's just my opinion!

punditfight said...

Thanks jl. As in wrestling, i'm assigning their affiliation based on what they portray- no matter how unconvincing. You'll notice Stephen Colbert is listed 'Republican'. I wrote a post on O'Reilly's "independence", you'll find it filed under 'kayfabe'.

Good luck with the flags, take pictures of where you put them up.