Friday, February 15, 2008

If Politics is like wrestling, does that mean its fixed?

As regular readers of this blog may be aware, I champion the analogy that Politics is not unlike wrestling. My thesis relates mostly to political pundits but also touches on politicians/politics. I say politics is like wrestling only in the sense that, Politics and punditry are more about things like charisma, managing aura and presentation. In politics, policy is secondary to success. In punditry, being correct is secondary to success. Actual Wrestling ability is secondary in being popular in wrestling.

I stumbled on an interesting article that also used the wrestling analogy.
The illusion of choices in the US elections: Does it herald the dissolution of these United States of America?
By Mazin Qumsiyeh, January 2, 2008

The 2008 presidential elections were likened to the World Wrestling Federation matches: take time and energy but obviously fixed/staged. A more apt analogy would go beyond these elections: the whole political system in the US is a theater play with predictable script but different actors...

Candidates of both parties are allowed to advance to final rounds whether in congressional or presidential elections only if they are cleared by the real powers to be. This is evident from issues they can and cannot tackle. The cleared Democratic and the Republican nominees cannot for example tackle the broken system with no proportional representation (rather than winner takes all) and no system to allow instant runoff elections.

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During this time I've advanced this wrestling analogy, I never took into account the inference that "Politics was fixed". The wrestling analogy was originally intended to describe punditry, but as the Presidential campaigns have heated up I've transferred some of the wrestling analogies towards the candidates.

I wouldn't use the word fixed, I'll only go as far as saying "managed". I do agree there is a 'game' aspect in politics, I still believe that all games can be cracked (or when its bad- hijacked). Without sounding conspiratorial, there are also puppet masters in the nebulous sense, in the form of establishment types and lobbyists for corporate interests. If anything

With that said, if the unlikely successes of an unknown GOP candidate with a seemingly narrow constituency like Huckabee can succeed... If McCain a "Media establishment" conservative can overcome and nullify the influential "movement establishment" conservatives... If a fresh-faced Black candidate can inspire millions around the world on a message of hope. It shows that it is possible to upset the standard playbook.

All these things may be getting managed to an outcome that will ultimately lead back to the status quo (I doubt it). But it certainly doesn't mean its fixed.

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