Friday, February 22, 2008

Sly Stallone and other celebrity Presidential endorsements

Whilst Chuck Norris has Mike Huckabee's back. Sylvester Stallone has McCain's. Not surprising considering the parallels between McCain's narrative and the 2 heroes Stallone made famous. McCain like Rambo is a Vietnam war vet from Arizona. McCain like Rocky, is an aging underdog going for one last run at glory. Interestingly following the analogy to its end, Rocky gets edged out by a much younger black opponent.

While Stallone isn't actively campaigning for McCain the way other celebrities have. His endorsement does have some value, even if it is just symbolic. For one it shows that even though he is a player in "liberal Hollywood", he's Conservative leaning. This doesn't mean he gets a free pass from talk radio and other critical media. Its a risk all celebrities face when publicly wearing their politics on their sleeve.

Stallone is respected by influential host Rush Limbaugh, who has had Stallone as guest for his last Rocky and Rambo movies. Rush' friend and fellow Talk show host Mark Levin, has not been so kind to Stallone in the past. Levin was "disappointed" in Stallone's "dumbass statements" in attacking the Mexican Border Fence.
"...A lot of people think he's a conservative. You know the day of the conservative in Hollywood is long over. The John Waynes... the Jimmy Stewarts and many many more. You get Republicans..."

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View the endorsement list from Hollywood and players of "All shapes and sizes" compiled by the New York Times.

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