Sunday, February 3, 2008

McCain and Hillary - "The FIX is in"

A lot has been made this Presidential election about how all the pundits have been so wrong and ineffective. No-one had predicted that Hillary and McCain would be leading at this late stage. Even though both were considered establishment choices and originally came in as front runners.

By the opening of Primary voting, Obama was surging in popularity ahead of Hillary and looked to continue doing so after taking Iowa. McCain was at best the 4th most popular option for the GOP behind Giuliani, Fred Thompson and Romney. His campaign was running out of money and close allies had bailed out on him. To make matters worse, a then-unknown Mike Huckabee leapfrogged in front of them all with surging support that delivered Iowa. McCain was pushed to fifth spot.

My how things have changed? Look at Hillary and McCain now. Who could have predicted it? One pundit did get it right - Ted Rall.
Marc Maron: What we'll find out in the next few months is if the big "fix" by the big "they" is really in. We're gonna find out in the next couple of months.

Sam Seder: Yes! Ted Rall came on the Majority Report, this must have been over a year and a half ago. And he said that he believed that McCain and Clinton were gonna win, were gonna be the nominees because they had the most money and there had never been a time where somebody had had that much money that far out and hadn't won. So it'll be interesting to see if that comes around.
Listen to the snippet of Sam and Marc's conversation.

Its an excerpt from Maron VS Seder. The exchange took place Jan 1st 2008, a few days before the first Primary voting in Iowa. I spoke about the episode where this snippet came from in an earlier post. Sam has mentioned this Ted Rall conversation numerous times, though I've never found the original audio interview. If anyone could provide a tip on when Ted Rall appeared on the Majority Report I'd appreciate it.

Full disclosure, I always bristled everytime Sam mentioned this Ted Rall conversation as I never believed that Hillary and especially McCain were going to be the nominees. To see that its now an overwhelming possibility is astonishing.

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