Friday, May 30, 2008

The APF - end of week roundup (May 31st)

Hello fans. Its been quite here at the APF, but rest assured there are a lot of things happening behind the curtains. To restart the engines here is the first ever end of week pundit round up.

Bill O'Reilly wins a local Emmy award in Boston and is protested by a fellow newsman.
Sam Seder will be doing his last 'Seder on Sunday' broadcast for Air America, his broadcasting future is uncertain but we hope his voice finds a new home.
Michelle Malkin is not happy with Dunkin Donuts, Rachey Ray and a certain scarf
Keith Olbermann finds a new ally in Scott Mclellan
Marc Maron winds down the funny with fellow funnymen Andy Kindler and Eugene Mirman
Al Franken is in trouble with members of his party, but not for reasons you might think
Michael considered the most Savage shock jock of them all
Stephen Colbert continues his presidential campaign in an alternate universe

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