Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Telegraph UK lists 'The most influential US political pundits'

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The Telegraph UK listed their 50 most Influential US political pundits, no surprise there was a large representation of APF Pundits who made up a quarter of the list.

As with all 'best of lists', it's not always apparent how the list was decided upon and structured but in any case it's a good primer on the punditocracy. No list of this nature can escape charges of 'notable ommissions'. Reader 'Frank' notes "For you to have ommitted Ann Coulter distorts the poll and negates the whole effort". The APF submits the absence of Hugh Hewitt as another glaring ommission.

What's most noteworthy about the list is the "cute" ranking of Stephen Colbert (#11) just above "Papa Bear" Bill O'Reilly (#12), the pair placing just outside the Top Ten. Surely a slick ploy to bait Stephen Colbert into referencing the list on his show. Stephen has been known to make hay of any mention he gets in the media. A recent segment had Stephen continue his faux feud with Korean Pop Star 'Rain', who bested Colbert once again in 'TIME's 2008 Most influential people' list. Rain finished 2nd, one place above Colbert in the online international poll.

The placement of Colbert and O'Reilly outside the Top Ten is somewhat baffling. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton made an appearance on Stephen Colbert's show on the eve of the hotly contested Pennsylvania Primary. The 'Colbert effect' so influential that John Edwards - no longer a contender for the Democratic nomination, even made an appearance. Bill O'Reilly on the other hand snared an exclusive one-on-one with Hillary Clinton, with a McCain interview to follow. With that said, all three Presidential contenders did feel it necessary to appear on a Wrestling show. A case proving the ability to secure important guests isn't the only measure of influence.

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