Monday, May 12, 2008

Bill O'Reilly gets angry on Inside Edition

Bill O'Reilly is arguably the hottest tempered pundit on the APF. Its this temperament that makes him compelling viewing. I was only made aware of this clip recently as it was mentioned on Pete Dominick's independent Radio show on Sirius.

Here is a classic clip of Bill losing his cool off-air on CBS 'Inside Edition'.

When asked by TVNewser about the meltdown, O'Reilly quipped "That video was just me practicing for my conversations with Geraldo."

Watch and read about other heated Bill O'Reilly moments below:
1) O'Reilly in a 'shootout' with Democratic Senator Chris Dodd
2) O'Reilly in an epic duel with commentator Phil Donahue
3) O'Reilly arguing with his FoxNews colleague, Geraldo

Update: May 16

Bill O'Reilly - The Inside Edition outburst remix
No surprise here, a remix of the outburst has surfaced.
Watch the video and read comments courtesy of HotAir: The obligatory, inevitable O’Reilly meltdown remix

Bill makes light of his 'Inside Edition' outburst
Bill O'Reilly makes light of his outburst in his latest conversation with Mary Katherine Ham: Watch the video and read comments courtesy of Hot Air: O’Reilly on his “Inside Edition” meltdown
Bill O'Reilly: By the way there's a tape floating around on the internet of me in a state of displeasure I understand. Apparently the tape is 20 years old but I your humble correspondent have plenty of much newer stuff because by contractual obligation I have to create a few dramas every year for the amusement of my coworkers. They'd quit if I didn't do that. Anyway if you'd like to buy the tapes I have, I'd be happy to sell them to you

What's curious about the clip is during Bill's monologue a mic'd up staffer laughs. I don't know how usual this is for O'Reilly's format but its reminiscent of Keith Olbermann, (Bill's arch nemesis) who often has a "staff laugh track" for light hearted moments with the audience.

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