Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Profile: Andrew Wilkow

I'm proud to announce the latest Animation Profile - Andrew Wilkow. It's a bit of an innovation from previous profiles. You will notice a toggle on the bottom left corner that will allow you to view Andrew in two different outfits, 'Suit' and 'Street' in keeping with Andrew's unique personality. I've also revamped the accompanying Republican logo to reflect Andrew's "younger" look.

In the near future expect to see new animations with a stable (team) of APF pundits. The first stable incorporating Andrew Wilkow shoulder to shoulder with Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. At this stage the tentative title for the stable is "The Freedom Alliance" though I'm open to suggestion. Your comments welcome below.

For fans of Andrew who'd like to promote his show. Email me below to get the code to have these animations featured on your site or myspace page:

Read my profile and interview with Andrew Wilkow here


Anonymous said...

I'm a Sirius Wilkow listener... this is great! The boots and T-shirt set is perfect. Sweet!

Anonymous said...

This is great! I received my Sirius Radio for Christmas and the only name I recognized was Sean Hannity. I made the guy installing it show me how to get back to AM five times (you have to turn off the Satellite Radio to get reception on regular AM). I was afraid that I wouldn’t like the “unknown” Talk Show hosts (I’ve been a Boortz and Beck fan for years). I haven’t listened to AM since I turned on Sirius. Wilkow is darn close to perfection in Right Wing Talk Radio. His mental judo is unbeatable and he leaves the left grasping for anything that can save them from the logic pretzel they create for themselves. Mostly because Andrew knows the collectivist, Marxist genesis of their ideas better than they do. His approach is philosophical and based on the constitution (what it really says and why the free market, pro-liberty approach is better for everybody). I highly recommend to everyone to go out and get Sirius if for no other reason to listen to the Wilkow Majority.

If you get a lib friend to listen for a week, they will never be able to look at Left wing ideas the same again. Pay ‘em to listen. We need to turn around at least some of the pseudo-intellectual knuckleheads that are voting in the next election.