Saturday, October 11, 2008

Get well Dean Barnett, our thoughts are with you

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Conservative pundit Dean Barnett recently. Dean, an avid wrestling fan was the first person to give this humble blog national attention.

It has only recently come to my attention that he is in hospital and in need of our prayers and well wishes.

Courtesy of HotAir - Dean Barnett update
Dean Barnett update
Earlier this week, I wrote about Dean Barnett’s current struggle with cystic fibrosis and how it landed him in the ICU...

Duane Patterson e-mailed me a little earlier this evening with an update he received on Dean’s status, which sounds a little more optimistic than we’d previously heard:
Dean still in fragile state on a breathing machine in ICU. He is very willful and is fighting hard – the doctors are so impressed with him. His downward spiral stopped on Thursday, and we hope that with the continued prayers he will turn a corner this week end. He is in and out of consciousness.
- Learn about Cystic Fibrosis from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
- If you'd like to Make a donation to advance Cystic Fibrosis research consider this

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