Thursday, October 30, 2008

PunditFight recommends BloggingHeads and MaronVSeder

PunditFight recommends One of the best destinations for Political junkies, demonstrating the advances and promise of technology. It's creators described their motivation thusly:
Wright and Kaus, both journalists, had long been attracted to the idea of pontificating on TV, but so far few if any TV producers had seen merit in this aspiration.
Selected excerpts
Hugh Hewitt & Robert Wright: A Born-Again Experience

Christopher Hitchens & Eric Alterman: On Whether Christopher Hitchens Was Wrong

Find a Pundit listing of previous episodes here

Another equally impressive video program PunditFight recommends is Maron V Seder, two liberal pundits I've had the privilege of interviewing. Their show is described as:
... the first of its kind; a daily, live online political talk and comedy show... "Based upon the fact that no one has developed a model for what we’re doing, we’re confident that people will consider this a success," said Sam Seder.

Find MaronvSeder episode archives here

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