Friday, October 31, 2008

The Hollywood Presidency: how the 'West Wing' and '24' have shaped this election

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I've written extensively about the role Hollywood plays in Politics. 'Mr President', a French Documentary has used this premise to create an interesting portrait of how Hollywood helps us visualise and acclimate us to future Presidents.

- Read more about the 'Mr President' documentary
- Watch a promo for the 'Mr President' documentary

Selected transcript from the promo
The President has been a regular character in hundreds of films and television series... these images are powerful and potentially influential in the real political arena... they have even affected our view of who should or could be President... as America elects its next President, is their a downside to all this fantasy?. "There are consequences that are not captured on celluloid?"

That's 'Mr President' - a look at Hollywood's take on the Oval Office and it's impact on reality.
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