Monday, April 13, 2009

Stand up comedian Glenn Beck - 2009 Common Sense Comedy Tour

In a previous post I extolled Glenn Beck's comedic chops. Beck is clearly a lover of (and nerd for) comedy founding and editing his own humor magazine titled 'Fusion'.

Glenn Beck will be hitting the road in June for his 'Common Sense Comedy Tour', having done similar Inspirational Speaking/Stand Up comedy events since 2004. These events provide some insight into Glenn Beck's ambitions as a showman and entrepreneur.

Find more details of this upcoming tour and previous tours here:
Glenn Beck's Common Sense Comedy Tour is coming to a movie theater near you!
The fall and winter have been crazy... So this summer, I think the best way for me to relax and regroup is to... hit the road with my live tour!

I've got a brand new stage show that's all comedy about common sense (seems it's not so common these days). Look, the headlines have you and me crying--we might as well laugh a little before Comrade Obama has us all wearing fur hats and waiting in line to buy toilet paper. My comedy tour will be traveling all over the country, and I want you and your family to come out and have some fun...
Glenn Beck's star has risen astronomically since migrating to Fox. This new exposure coupled with his increasingly alarmist theatrics has many detractors wondering about his sanity or otherwise questioning his sincerity. Allahpundit of conservative blog HotAir is one of those thinking aloud
Glenn Beck: The end of America is nigh, maybe
There’s something "off" about Beck in a way that’s not true of other chat-show hosts, although that’s not necessarily a criticism: O’Reilly and Hannity can be tiresome in more than small doses but this guy I find watchable even at a stretch. Partly it’s the sheer bravado of the performance, partly it’s the challenge of trying to figure out what’s going on in his head to make him the way he is.
Beck's show is interesting in that it bills itself as a comedy tour. I've previously mentioned how detractors mockingly refer to Rush Limbaugh as a comedian and Ann Coulter, the female Tony Clifton. Despite the serious influence Glenn Beck now holds, he is happy to distinguish himself as "comedian" and a "rodeo clown". For perspective, as previously recounted a large portion of the APF's liberal wing come from the ranks of comedy.

Watch a sample of Glenn Beck's stand up below

VIDEO: Glenn Beck Stand-up comedy - First date

Proving the natural nexus between comedy and punditry once again. Conservative pundit Andrew Wilkow shares his thoughts on comedians and his own nascent comedy career.
Andrew Wilkow on stand-up comedy
ANDREW WILKOW: That was the beginning of my dislike for many comedians. I thought that many of these people who were in these showcases were like jerky. But you can tell the good comedians from the bad comedians. Good comedians when they're off stage are like regular dudes. Bad comedians don't ever stop doing their act... That's what liberals are like. They're like bad comedians, they're always doing their act. Desperate for attention like bad radio DJs...
Listen and Download Andrew Wilkow talking stand-up comedy

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