Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ron Paul makes an appearance in 'Bruno Movie' (Sacha Baron Cohen) - Rachel Maddow reports

Sacha Baron Cohen, the British Comedian behind alter ego 'Borat' has been in the news lately for a stunt embarrassing rapper Eminem with his new Character Bruno at the MTV Movie awards.

If you've seen the trailer for Bruno, you might have taken a double take at the 2 minute mark and thought aloud "Hey is that former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul?". You'd be right.

- Go to the official Bruno site here

As Rachel Maddow reports
VIDEO: Ron Paul punked by Sacha Baron Cohen in the new Bruno Movie
RACHEL MADDOW: Mr Cohen and his crew were able to trick Ron Paul into filming a scene with Cohen. A 5 minute scene where the character Bruno tries very unsuccessfully... to seduce Dr Paul, there's reportedly some dancing and some pantslessness.
Read about the "Bruno/ Ron Paul sex tape here" from the official 'Bruno' site
Bruno and Ron Paul Sex Tape
In a five-minute scene, Bruno tries—and fails—to seduce the Texas congressman and former Republican presidential candidate in a Washington hotel room. The scene, filmed in early 2008, occurs about halfway through the movie, after Bruno gets the idea that you have to make a sex tape to become famous.

Cut to a nondescript hotel suite where Bruno sits across from Ron Paul. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, a light blows out on the set. Bruno apologizes for the technical difficulties and suggests that he and Paul wait in the other room while the crew fixes the light.
Its quite ironic that Sacha Baron Cohen is capitalising on the popularity of Ron Paul. In a previous post I wrote how Ron Paul was the uncredited spiritual leader of the Tea Party protests, which you'll remember was crudely dubbed as the "Tea Baggers" protests by its detractors. Poetically Sacha's new character Bruno, the faux homosexual Austrian Fashion presenter is attempting make a sextape with Ron Paul.

Listen to Sacha Baron Cohen breaking "kayfabe" (out of character as his real self) talking about his original alter ego 'Ali G'. Interviewed on NPR's All things considered - Ali G: Fooling Serious Interviewees, All for a Laugh
SACHA BARON COHEN: That is really my objective, when I get in the room is to convince these guys that they are now going to be interviewed by someone who is totally ignorant and totally arrogant...

I think the power of television is amazing, when they're in the room with me somehow because there's a camera there, their guard is down and they'll answer basically almost anything just to make sure that they end up looking good on camera
Sacha Baron Cohen in his many "ignorant" incarnations has visited many Red States and interviewed several independent conservative leaders, Pat Buchanan as Ali G, Alan Keyes as Borat and now Ron Paul as Bruno.

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