Friday, October 9, 2009

Fake pundit Stephen Colbert compares himself to "fake" pundit Glenn Beck

One of my favorite things to highlight on this blog is reality folding onto itself with art imitating life. It is this very thing that draws me to pro-wrestling and as illustrated here happens often in Politics and Punditry.

Stephen Colbert reports on the criticism leveled at Beck questioning the authenticity of his emotions and passionate theatrics. Following that premise Glenn Beck taunts "if I'm acting, I'm the best damn actor on television. I want the daytime Emmy!". Jumping off from here Colbert goes meta and takes Glenn Beck with him. Stephen pits himself against Beck to see which pundit is more authentic, the caricature of a pundit or the caricature pundit.

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Bend It Like Beck
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STEPHEN COLBERT: I feel ya brother, cuz people have said the same thing about me...
(Media clips shown of Colbert being described as a fake pundit)

For the past 4 years I have meant every word I've felt. So all we really need to do to gauge Glenn Beck's sincerity is to compare him to me
(video rolls of Beck/Colbert comparisons)

Its like looking into a mirror - after you've just done a tonne of coke of of it. Clearly Glenn Beck is as sincere in what he says and does as I am...

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