Sunday, October 18, 2009

Newest APF member, Introducing Dennis Miller

In anticipation of his eventual GM guest hosting spot on WWE's Raw, I proudly introduce Comedian and Radio Talker Dennis Miller to the 'American Pundit Fighting' roster.

Dennis Miller first made a name for himself as a comedian and SNL cast member, moving on to host popular talks shows on HBO and CNBC. He currently hosts a daily three-hour radio show nationally syndicated by Westwood One, covering culture, current events and politics.

As a talker Dennis is distinctly known for his flowery way of speaking and use of obtuse references, which stylistically is not to dissimilar to fellow comedian (but political opposite) Janeane Garofalo. In recent years much has been made of Miller's "drift" rightwards to conservatism after 9/11.

Dennis Miller address these matters in an illuminating interview for The Politico
The Dennis Miller interview
How would you describe your political beliefs: Republican? Independent? Libertarian?

Well, I’d say it’s eclectic pragmatism at some point. I’m a moderate in some degree because I have wildly swinging opinions but through some sort of ideological feng shui they end up in the middle. Some swing far to the left, others to the far right. I’m for the war, but I’m also for gay marriage. I don’t care if two folks with the same genitalia want to get hitched, I just don’t want some a—hole from another country coming over here and blowing up their wedding to make a political statement.

In just the past few minutes you’ve referenced obscure figures ranging from a '60s-era general to a vintage talking doll. Given your audience on conservative talk radio, are you too hip for the room?

I never signed up for anything called "conservative talk radio." I’m on Westwood One, and my boss Norm Pattiz is a liberal. I’m just on talk radio. I don’t think I’m too hip for the room at all. I’ve got 194 stations after just 16 months, which I’m told is good, and my mind is boggled at just how wise and funny my callers have been. On occasion I’ll get someone who is off the grid and I’ll feel like I’m on the phone with [Ted] Kaczynski, but for the most part it’s a pretty urbane crowd. I don’t think I’m too hip for the room. People always say ‘it’s so eclectic,’ but I’m making references to the Jetsons’ robot maid — not exactly Ted Cooley or Bucky Fuller.
Newest APF member Dennis Miller:
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