Monday, October 5, 2009

Glenn Beck appears on Fox Business' Imus in the Morning

Glenn Beck recently appeared on Don Imus' new show on Fox Business. Imus played devil's advocate by bringing up perceived frictions with stalwarts Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh who Beck threatens to eclipse in ratings and influence.

VIDEO: Glenn Beck on Career, Life Choices

Imus in the Morning
October 5, 2009: Glenn Beck on Career, Life Choices
DON IMUS: Saw you on the cover of Time Magazine. Your book's #1 I noticed this week. Sean Hannity, Rush they both hate you
GLENN BECK: No. No they don't
IMUS: They all hate you
BECK: They don't, they don't. Why? Why? Why must you stir up the hate?
IMUS: You're telling me Rush is happy you're on the cover of Time
BECK: No actually I got a note from Rush
IMUS: What did the note say?
BECK: "I hate you"
(group laughter)
BECK: Rush has - you know what- been very gracious. The whole time he has.
IMUS: Fine
BECK: Do you hate me?
IMUS: No, I'm not competing with you. They are...
For some background, read Jason Linkins speculation on Hannity's concern over Glenn Beck's ascendancy
Is Sean Hannity Afraid Of Glenn Beck?
I can imagine that Hannity might find the attention lavished on Beck to be a little bit galling. Hannity's had the longer career, after all, during which he's dutifully suited up, sat behind a desk and occasionally had to fend off actual arguments: from Alan Colmes in the pre-solo days, to various panels now. The deck was always stacked in Hannity's favor, of course, but he had to at least offer the appearance of an honest broker of debate. Beck doesn't have to do any of that. Beck gets to stand up and riff about whatever he wants, pull morning-radio stunts and, really, not even worry about making any sense at all.

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Bill said...

Notice how Hannity never mentions Glenn Beck by and and visa versa?