Friday, October 9, 2009

Michael Moore VS Sean Hannity 2009: talking Capitalism, the war and religion

Sean Hannity and Michael Moore debated on Fox News' 'Hannity' program. It was a largely cordial debate with both men being gracious toward each other and even yukking it up. They recounted how they made a bet on their last encounter on Hannity's radio program in 2002 which incidentally Moore lost.

michael moore, sean hannity was right, white house In this photo Michael Moore carries a sign that says "Sean Hannity was right" holding up his end of the bargain after losing the wager that George W Bush would be impeached from office.

This latest debate was quite broad and meandering partly due to Hannity's way of constructing questions and Moore never fully engaging, mostly facetiously "uh huh-ing" for this first half of the segment

VIDEO: Michael Moore on the Sean Hannity Show - October 6th, 2009 (Part I)

Sean Hannity is one of the few high profile conservative pundits willing to challenge equally formidable liberal counterparts. Sean Hannity previously debated progressive Utah mayor Rocky Anderson in a ticketed live event. Hannity also previously sparred with Michael Moore by becoming a counter guest of honor for the students of Utah Valley State College. This was expertly documented in the 2004 documentary 'This Divided State'.

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