Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Seder VS Maron on the Democratic Primary

Listen to Maron VS Seder Episode 14

I encourage readers to listen to the New Years Episode of Maron VS Seder. For those unfamiliar with Maron VS Seder, its essentially a conversation between two friends talking unfettered about politics and anything else that comes to mind. Both are comedians and Air America alums.

What makes the show unique is the candidness in which they speak as there are no commercial considerations. The format also allows them to touch on narratives and in a depth not found in other media except perhaps the blogosphere. They just press record and start talking. On the negative side, its poorly presented because of its reliance on temperamental emerging technologies and achieved without the help of a producer.

Note: Unless you're charmed by men fumbling around with technology or Sam dreading the unknown (you'll know what I mean when you listen to it), it might be best to skip the traditional first 10 minutes of dead air. Otherwise its a riveting listen.

This episode discusses the dilemma both face in the Democratic Primary on who to vote for. Its a toss up between John Edwards and Barack Obama. Both candidly discuss the the role rhetoric and political correctness will play in their chances for the General Election, conceding they may be playing into Republican memes.

Line of the night goes to Maron,
After Sam talked about the possibility of Barack rejuvenating and empowering the liberal tent, Mark facetiously commented:
MARC MARON: In my experience, just being part of Air America. There's nothing better than, opening the door to as many progressives as possible, because it always ends well and everything is wonderful. When progressives come from all different sides and get involved in one undertaking. Cause it always works out.

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